The Real Problem with Halloween


Reminded she's different again

For food allergic children, the big problem with Halloween is it is yet one more time when it is thrown in their face that they cannot do what other children can do. That’s the thing that’s the bummer.  Yes, there are safety issues, but the safety issues can be managed.

The issue is that it is yet another opportunity for them to be sad and feel outcast because they are different.  As a parent, the challenge is to come up with a system that manages both to:

  1. Keep your child safe, and
  2. Help your child feel happy instead of different and deprived

Celebrating her differences

That is what we strive to do in our house on Halloween.  We hope that by sharing our approach on our blog and the pages of our guide we can help others live a normal life despite having food allergies.

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About Amy

Amy Jones Anichini is the Founder of Egg-Free Epicurean (formerly an allergy-safe bakery) and a consultant to start-up food businesses. She is also a wife, mother of two, food allergy advocate, and author. Ms. Anichini holds an MBA in Finance from the Chicago Booth School of Business, and a BS in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and holds the CFA charter.
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