Who Didn’t See This Coming? “Study warns against US rush to approve gene-altered salmon”

As an impartial observer of this topic, I thought this fight was inevitable.

To remind you, a brand of genetically altered salmon has seemingly been poised to receive FDA approval, as was mentioned here a few months ago.

I was surprised at the reason for the recommendation against rushing the approval. Judging by the summary, the researchers want the FDA to expand its scope from comparing the safety of genetically modified salmon to unmodified salmon, to considering population health in the event our collective diets change as a result.

From the summary:
“But the mechanism for its approval, FDA’s new animal drug application (NADA) process (2), narrowly examines only the risks of each GM salmon compared with a non-GM salmon (2, 3). This approach fails to acknowledge that the new product’s attributes may affect total production and consumption of salmon. This potentially excludes major human health and environmental impacts, both benefits and risks. Regulators need to consider the full scope of such impacts in risk analyses to avoid unintended consequences (4), yet FDA does not consider ancillary benefits and risks from salmon market expansion (2, 3), a result of what may be an overly narrow interpretation of statutes.”

I’m still anticipating a more dogmatic opposition to this from people who oppose GMO foods on principle.  I’m surprised at how quiet they’ve been.


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