Nut Vaccine Progress!

From the Melbourne Herald Sun:

Marianne Betts

“MELBOURNE researchers are on the brink of developing the first vaccine to protect against peanut allergies.”

Great!  When do we get our shots?

“Lead researcher Prof Robyn O’Hehir said the vaccine, which could also potentially cure the condition, could be widely available for use within seven years.” (italics mine) Continue reading at the Herald-Sun.

Progress is a funny thing.  Consider the netbook. Called a “netbook” because it’s not intended for use except when connected to the internet, yet even though the cheapest netbook available has more hard drive memory than all the PCs, laptops in my house combined, and they’re not that old. That’s progress!

But vaccine progress is slower. But by the time this vaccine is available in Australia, our daughter will be applying for college.  Perhaps it will be available here by the time she has her own food allergic children. What takes so long? Is it all the lab time? Regulatory approval? Or are the researchers not fully optimized? Maybe a good IT VC can teach them about using virtual assistants.


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