Florida school parents protest allergy safety plan?


Can I be reading this correctly?

Parents Protest Over Girl’s Peanut Allergy

Controversy Erupts At Edgewater Elementary Public School

“On average, it’s probably a good 30 minutes taken out of the day. That’s my child’s education. Thirty minutes could be a whole subject,” Starkey said. Here’s a video of the news story:

School Controversy over Girl’s Peanut Allergy

What are we missing here? Exactly what is taking the class 30 minutes per day?

It’s not clear from the story, and the video isn’t much help – when you watch the video, you realize the story is merely a scaled down transcript of the news video. One hint is where the reporter says the school is merely following recommendations from the girl’s physician.

The school does the girl a disservice by imposing such strict rules on the girl’s class and not on the school as a whole. The school (or the school district) ought to become a no-parties-with-food zone, because by singling out the girl’s classroom, it in effect is stigmatizing her further.

Parties aside, I’d like to know what is taking 30 minutes per day? Marching the kids to the water fountain to rinse their mouths after arrival, recess, and lunch? Marching them down to wash their hands? Just guess. If you know, please say so in the comments.

Ever since my days in a college fraternity, I have recognized the best way to make sure rules aren’t followed is to make them so strict that they’re impractical. Tactically, it’s a mistake, unless the intent is framing – make them strict at first, so that when you concede it feels to the other parents like they’ve won something.

Whatever the situation is, I don’t feel like we have the whole story.


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