Resource Documents for Parents of Elementary School Students with Food Allergies

After our recent blog post, “Why Do We Need Sweets in School?” several of you asked us for copies of the documents we have in place with our school to care for our child who has life-threatening food allergies. We are glad to share what has worked for us.

Remember, though, that your school might already have guidelines in place for managing the health risks of students with severe food allergies. Start by asking your school what they have done for other students, because it might work for you with some tweaking. We have found that we have the best outcome when we work with the school to create a safe environment for our child as opposed to ordering them to do things the way we want. Build healthy relationships with the people who will be helping keep your child safe at school; please remember to thank them for the extra effort they are putting in.

With any document you choose to use, read it carefully and revise to make it specific to your child’s  food allergies.

Document 1: Food Rules for Managing Life-Threatening Allergies at School

Source: Amy Jones Anichini, Founder & CEO, Egg-Free Epicurean LLC

Purpose: To update key school personnel about (1) your requests for how to minimize your child’s risk of accidental exposure to her allergens and (2) the rules she lives by to protect herself. Also serves as a starting point for an Individualized Health Plan.

Distribute to: Principal, Asst Principal, District Nurse, School Nurse, Teacher

Distributed by: Parent

Distributed when: Before the first day of school


Document 2: Emergency Medical Plan

Source: Food Allergy Initiative: Resources and Downloads

Click on “Emergency Medical Plan”

Purpose: (1) List your child’s allergies, (2) describe the symptoms of an allergic reaction, (3) state exactly what to do in the event of an allergic reaction, and (4) give emergency contact info

Distribute to: Principal, Asst Principal, District Nurse, School Nurse, Teacher, and anyone else who is trained to use the Epi-Pen.

Distributed by: School or District Personnel

Distributed when: Spring or summer before the new school year


Document 3: Food Allergy Letter to Classmates and Their Parents

Source:  Food Allergy Initiative: Resources and Downloads

Click on “A Sample Food Allergy Letter from a School Principal”

Purpose: Inform classmates and their parents about your child’s allergies and ask for their help in minimizing the risk of accidental exposure

Distribute to: All families in your child’s class

Distributed by: Principal and/or Teacher

Distributed when: First day of school


Document 4: Food Allergy Awareness Letter to all Families at School

Source: Unknown

Purpose: To increase awareness by informing all school families that some students have life-threatening food allergies and ask for their understanding  as the school attempts to balance the needs/safety of all children

Distribute to: All families at the school

Distributed by: Principal

Distributed when: First week of school


Copyright: Egg-Free Epicurean LLC, 2011, Amy Jones Anichini, Founder & CEO


About Amy

Amy Jones Anichini is the Founder of Egg-Free Epicurean (formerly an allergy-safe bakery) and a consultant to start-up food businesses. She is also a wife, mother of two, food allergy advocate, and author. Ms. Anichini holds an MBA in Finance from the Chicago Booth School of Business, and a BS in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and holds the CFA charter.
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  1. GREAT packet! This post is invaluable to all families managing school. My daughter’s 504 meeting comes up every January and I appreciate how you have the major steps laid out for parents.

    We appreciate your work in our community.

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