You Asked, We Listened: Egg-Free Epicurean Becomes the Teacher

Egg-Free Epicurean is changing our business model:  we are shifting away from being product-related  to  focus more on education. Oh, OK, great. But what does that mean?

Since we started Egg-Free Epicurean, we have received many requests from our customers and prospective customers. Some of them have been product- related such as:

  • Could you please offer gluten-free products?
  • When will you be offering sheet cakes?
  • Can you make egg-free brownies?
  • And even: Could you please make your facility banana-free? (Yes, someone really did request that!)

However, the majority of the requests have asked, “How do you do that?” such as:

  • How do you make white cake without eggs?
  • How do you make icing from scratch that is soft enough to pipe through pastry bags and icing tips?
  • And furthermore:  How do you make sure that your icing is sturdy enough to hold the shape you pipe it in without being runny?
  • How do you make cookies that aren’t crumbly without eggs?
  • And often: How did you start your own food brand?
  • And: What do I need to do to be able to sell my amazing homemade delicacy to the public?

In this economic environment, more people have asked us, “Can you teach me how to do that?” than have asked us, “Can you offer this product so I can buy it from you?”

You asked, we listened:  we are shifting our business to focus more on education. We’ll teach you everything we know about:

(1) How to start a food brand: In other words, how to safely and legally sell food to the public:

    • Forming a legal entity
    • Finding the right physical location
    • Setting up your facility
    • Securing the right license and/or permit
    • Making sure your product looks and tastes as you intended once it’s in the customers’ hands
    • Creating  labels for your packages that meet the guidelines for informing your customers, while at the same time protect the integrity of your brand

(2)  How to safely offer food to the food-allergic community:

    • Learn about the extra steps you have to take above and beyond those of a regular food producer
    • Learn what the language “free of” certain food allergens really means
    • Learn how to comply with the FDA’s Food Allergy Labeling Guidelines
    • Learn how to you make sure your ingredients are safe for your food-allergic customers
    • Learn how to test your ingredients and finished products for trace amounts of certain allergens

(3) How to make your home-baked treats look and taste like they came from a professional bakery:

    • How to make sure your baked goods turn out perfectly  every time you use your recipe
    • How to make sure your cookies, bar cookies, brownies and cupcakes are all the same size
    • How to make icing from scratch that tastes amazing yet has enough structure to hold the shape you pipe it in
    • How to make colored icing that still tastes like icing, not food coloring
    • How to use pastry bags and decorating tips so your desserts will look like those at the bakery
    • And, of course, how to bake without eggs so that no one will ever know what’s missing

In the near future, we’ll be offering on-line manuals and videos covering these and many other topics. Along the way, we might even change our name as we evolve into what you asked us to be.

In the meantime, we are still just a phone call, e-mail, Tweet, or Facebook post away. Contact us anytime you might be wondering, “Can you teach me how to do that?”


Amy Jones Anichini
Founder & CEO
Egg-Free Epicurean LLC

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About Amy

Amy Jones Anichini is the Founder of Egg-Free Epicurean (formerly an allergy-safe bakery) and a consultant to start-up food businesses. She is also a wife, mother of two, food allergy advocate, and author. Ms. Anichini holds an MBA in Finance from the Chicago Booth School of Business, and a BS in Finance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and holds the CFA charter.
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