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“Allergy Awareness Anthem”: Food Allergy Safety for the Holidays

Jordan and Chase have written lyrics adapted to the tune of “Jingle Bells” about managing the challenges of enjoying the holiday season with food allergies.

Whether a friendly reindeer offers you candy on your way home from school, or you attend a holiday party with unlabeled foods, it’s always critical to keep safe. Read labels and avoid eating unlabeled foods.

Allergy Awareness Anthem

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Food allergy news: Promising research findings from Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins researchers have published a promising study in the journal Nature in which they appeared to induce oral tolerance of an allergen in mice. Whether the tolerance translates to humans, and whether the tolerance translates beyond oral exposure to include inhalation and physical contact remains to be seen, but it’s still promising.
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Food allergy backlash: Use it as motivation

Food allergy backlash like this, ignorant though it may be, is merely a signal of just how much more work there is to do to spread awareness. Food allergy advocates, just take it as a catalyst to keep it up. The eventual change is inevitable. Continue reading

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