What exactly were we supposed to do now?
For the answers to these and many more questions, please visit Food Allergy FAQ’s.

Clearly we had a lot to learn, but we were determined to keep our child safe. So we researched, we read, we talked to other parents, we e-mailed food manufacturers, we called candy companies, and we visited the FDA’s website. There seemed to be no end to the list of questions we had, and we desperately wanted answers. Once we got our answers, we designed rules to live by and began to move ahead.

During all of the initial research, we were surprised that we never found a checklist of the most important things to do right after being diagnosed with a food allergy. You should be able to hop on the internet and have some person experienced in all things related to food allergies say, “Don’t panic. We’re here to help guide you and answer the overwhelming question: How am I supposed to live my life now?”


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