So you just found out that you or your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy, and, no doubt, you are wondering, "What am I supposed to do now?" We hope to help answer that question and some of the deeper layers of questions beneath it. We'll also steer to you to some websites we have found very useful in our quest for answers.

First, a caveat: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS! Your doctor is the first person you should turn to when seeking advice and guidance about food allergies. In addition to your allergist, there are some very useful websites supported by doctors. Please see Food Allergy Resource Links for more information.

We are parents who have been living in the trenches with a severely food allergic child for years, and we think that puts us in a unique position to provide some practical, hands-on suggestions about how to live your life in a world that is filled with people eating and touching what you're allergic to (and then probably touching you).

We wanted a practical educational component as part of our website, because there was one thing we never found on other allergy-related websites: a checklist of what to do first. So, here it is: a checklist of what we suggest you do shortly after you or your child has been diagnosed with food allergies. We have written it from the perspective of advice to the parent of an allergic child, but every tip applies to adults being diagnosed with a food allergy as well.

>> Checklist for the Newly Diagnosed: 12 things to do right away


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