11. Be aware that there are non-food places/products where food allergens can hide
People don't spend much time talking about this aspect of food allergies, because, quite frankly, the jury is still out about how significant these potential threats are. We bring it up here for educational purposes, because you should be aware of it. It goes to the point we raised about striving for total avoidance. The more you can prevent minor exposures, the better – at least that is the current consensus.

Please discuss this with your doctor, but at least be aware that this is a possible risk. Here are some examples:

• Flu shots have egg exposure, because eggs are used to incubate the vaccine
• Some body lotions contain nut oils
• Many flavored lip balms contain sesame oil
• Some cuticle and fingernail strengthening products contain nut oils

If you would like to avoid exposure to allergens from non-food products, simply read the labels. If you have an egg allergy, please discuss the relationship between eggs and vaccines with your doctor. Flu shots can often be given in safe way to those with an egg allergy, but your doctor should educate you about this topic.

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