Years after the initial diagnosis, we are now at the point where her friends (and her sister’s friends) ask to come to our house* so they can enjoy our baked treats. At birthday parties, her friends eagerly wait to see what gooey dessert our daughter has brought for herself. Some parents and grandparents have even whispered to us that they’d rather have what our daughter is eating than what the host is serving!

We take our cookies and bars to holiday and neighborhood parties, and the response is tremendous. These are delicious! Who made these? Can I get the recipe? And that’s often before they find out the desserts are egg-free. Once they find out, they are floored.

Today, our food allergic child is happy, healthy and well-adjusted. She freely talks about her food allergies to EVERYONE; in our opinion, this is one of the most important aspects to keeping her safe. She proudly tells anyone who will listen that our wonderful baked treats are all because of her allergies. And she’s right. We’re simply turning our lemons into lemonade. It’s all about looking on the bright side of things here at Egg-Free Epicurean!

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